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 I have experienced a few episodes of depression in my life – a result of bullying at school and jobs that were not a good fit for me – and come through the other side with a mixture of medication, exercise and figuring out what made it worse.

I had never tried counselling until my husband died very suddenly in 2016.  I was lucky enough to find a counsellor I really clicked with and she supported me through the first couple of years of intense grief. Consequently, I discovered a real passion for wanting to help other people who are struggling with, not just the BIG stuff, but the regular day-to-day challenges that life throws in your path.

Through my experiences and training I have uncovered a huge resource within me that I didn’t appreciate I had. I feel passionately about promoting emotional and mental wellbeing and passing my skills on to you so you too can move forward and solve your own problems, now and in the future.

Sometimes when we are stuck in a rut or struggling with a difficult decision, we can’t seem to see a way out and we can feel immobilised by our thoughts. I can show you how to break out of that mindset, discover your strengths and tap into you own intuition, as I did.

I have two lovely daughters, the centre of my universe, who encourage and challenge me every day, in mostly good ways!  I love Marvel films and get ridiculously excited when a new one comes out.  I also love The Walking Dead and anything outdoors – walking and kayaking or swimming in the many lovely Lakes we have round here…. sometimes with a wetsuit and sometimes not, depending on how brave/daft I am feeling.

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I trained with Subconquest in the Ollie technique.

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