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Stress is an emotion or state that gets a lot of bad press and for good reason:  It has been linked to an increase in heart disease, heart attacks and strokes and can lead to weight gain and depression if left unchecked. It also feels pretty uncomfortable to be in that stressed out state for prolonged periods.

All behaviour serves a purpose and the purpose of stress is simply to to help you work faster, usually to achieve a goal or meet a deadline.  You may have experienced it when revising for a test; not being able to muster much enthusiasm for it until the very last minute, then stress kicks in and you actually get quite a lot done in a small space of time. Ta-dah!  Stress has worked its magic!  However, the type of stress I am talking about above and the kind you are probably interested in managing, is the kind that is persistent and constant. 

Like anxiety, it isn’t helpful to have stress as a permanent state, the body is not designed for it and it is uncomfortable and debilitating.  

Symptoms of stress


Having a little stress in your life is healthy – it keeps you productive and moving forward, but too much stress has the opposite effect: it slows you down, you can find it difficult to make decisions, you become irritable and frustrated.

It can also affect your eating habits and disturb your sleep. The symptoms of stress can vary from person to person, but it is always the body sending you a powerful signal to slow down and regroup.


How to treat stress


When I work with clients to manage their stress, we will work to identify the source of the stress – be it work, relationships or something else.  Sometimes clients already know the cause of their stress but seem unable to see how to reduce or eliminate it. 

Other clients think that stress is just “part of life”.  These stories you tell yourself are part of the reason you are stuck – using a mixture of goal setting and cognitive hypnotherapy techniques I can help you work out how you would like to feel instead and plan ways to make this happen

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