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When you are thinking of starting therapy it can be quite daunting.  I wanted to create a service that was friendly and inviting – a place for you to talk and explore your problems with no pressure.   Here is a breakdown of some of the techniques to prepare you for what to expect:

A great benefit of coaching is being able to talk through your problems with an impartial person. Often our friends and family are too close to the situation to be able to offer new insights and we can end up talking in circles with them and making little progress. I can listen but, more importantly, I am a great questioner; it is through careful questioning that you can gain some perspective on the problems you are having and get to the core of the issue.

Just like a football coach would watch you play football and show you drills and techniques to improve your skills, I will observe how you think, ask questions to understand how you make decisions and problem solve and offer you a game plan to help you get the results you want.


Sometimes when people come to me in crisis (suffering with insomnia, anxiety or panic attacks, can’t settle or concentrate, increased or decreased appetite) all they require in those first few sessions is a kind, listening ear; a safe place to unload and some simple but powerful techniques to help them feel some relief from their symptoms. Not everyone needs further sessions but if you have found a pattern of behaviours developing, we can then focus our attention on exploring the past for the roots to any ongoing problems you are experiencing.

If we only ever look at the presenting problem, we are in danger of missing the underlying reasons which provide a valuable clue to the cure.

If you can imagine the current problem as a branch, we could treat that problem by pruning it, but it will grow back, sometimes even stronger. That is why some people can seem to recover from anxiety or depression, but have it resurface several months or even years later for no apparent reason.

If we treat the root cause of the problem however, we can eradicate any future issues.

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I aspire to create a counselling service that is friendly and inviting


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